Up, Back and Away by Kim Velk

Over the next three days, I’m posting short reviews for excellent work by self-published or new authors.  The first is Up, Back, and Away by Kim Velk, whom you can visit at http://lasthouse.blospot.com or http://quartersessions.blogspot.com.

Up, Back and Away, Kim Velk

Self-published, 343 pages

ISBN 9781481873475

With his heart thudding in his chest, Miles McTavish looked down AshburtonMountain in Vermont and knew that there was no turning back.  He perched gingerly on his vintage bicycle atop English Boy Trail carrying a note for a girl from a different time and a rock that could take him where he needed to go.  He pushed off, flying down the mountain, and as he made his way towards Birch Gate, he felt a branch clip his forehead, causing him to tumble.  Everything went black.  When he came to, Miles McTavish was in England, and the year was 1928.

Up, Back and Away tells the story of a wealthy fifteen-year old Texan boy who travels nearly a hundred years back in time to uncover a hidden truth and to rescue a girl who doesn’t belong.  Along the way, he makes friends, tries to stay out of trouble, and works hard to learn the culture and customs of British country life while cleaning out fireplaces and dismantling stone walls.

Up, Back and Away is a well-told tale of time travel and adventure, reminiscent in theme and style of such classics as Moonfleet, Tom’s Midnight Garden, Around the World in 80 days, and The Prince and the Pauper.  This is a story to be savoured by teens and adults alike.

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