Let it Be by Chad Gayle

This is the third post in the three-part series dedicated to self-published and new authors.  Today, I’m reviewing Chad Gayle’s Let it Be.  You can visit Chad at http://chadgayle.com/let-it-be/


Let it Be, Chad Gayle

Bracket Books, 135 pages

ISBN 9780988661011

During the summer of 1979, ten year old Joseph Jansen and his thirteen year old sister Pam moved with their mother to the other side of Texas.  Joseph and his family lived in a brick house in the lush, rolling greenery of east Texas not that long ago, but now he’s marooned in a dilapidated shack in the dry, depressed land of west Texas, all because his mom claimed to want a little space from his dad.  When his dad drove down for a visit, he explained that women could be like that, getting into their head that they want some change and excitement, but eventually, they would come to their senses.  Joseph isn’t too sure.  All he knows is that his family used to be together and now it’s split apart.

Joseph’s mom Michelle doesn’t look like she’s coming to her senses.  She has a new office job, there’s a light in her eyes that didn’t used to be there, and her brother has been babysitting when she goes out at night with new friends.  Joseph tells his dad all about it, and when he finds out that she’s really going out with a man from work, Joseph tells his dad that, too.  The response is swift, violent, and has everyone in the family evaluating both who they are and who they wish to be.

The novel’s eight chapters are all named after Beatles’ songs, and something of the band’s worldview is reflected in the new life that Michelle is building for her family. A poignant coming-of-age story for both mother and son, Let it Be shows us the strength rooted in gentleness and wisdom rooted in hope.  An excellent read for both teens and adults.

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